The below booking conditions and the process of making reservations at EPICO villa, as well as the accommodation conditions and rules of conduct, are intended to regulate the contracting of accommodation services and the tourists’ stay at EPICO, in civilized conditions and according to legal norms.

Tourists failing to comply with the rules below will force EPICO’s operator to take measures as not to accept them or exclude them from the property.



  • The offer and the rates charged for accommodation at EPICO villa are published on www.epico.ro.
  • The contact details for any kind of request are published on www.epico.ro.
  • The contracting of accommodation services at EPICO villa implies the tourists’ knowledge of the RESERVATION AND ACCOMMODATION CONDITIONS and their implicit and unconditional acceptance.
  • Maximum capacity / apartment: 2 adults + 2 children.
  • The accommodation period is at least 2 nights in May and October, 5 nights in June and September and 7 nights in July and August.
  • To book accommodation in the EPICO villa apartments, fill in the booking form and then pay the amount for the booked period. The reservation is final, after confirmation of payment in the operator’s account.

Reservations may be cancelled in the following conditions:

  1. 14 days before the starting date of the reservation – without withholding of a compensatory amount;
  2. in the event of non-compliance with the deadline in point 1, the beneficiary will retain the entire amount paid.

Reimbursements will be made within seven days from the date of the request for cancellation of the reservation.

In the case of a no show at the EPICO villa on the first day of the reservation, a penalty of 100% will be applied, respectively the cost of the entire stay.

In cases of an unfortunate impossibility to honor the reservation, the operator of EPICO Villa reserves the right to return the money in full if it is impossible to offer an alternative agreed with the client.



The check-in will be done between 16.00 and 19.00 on the day of arrival and check-out by 12:00 on the day of departure.

Check-in will not be possible without an identity card. Accommodation of minors is allowed only in cases where they are accompanied by their parents or legal representatives.

The access gate in the courtyard of the villa, which opens/closes with remote control, must never be left open.

Tourists will park their car strictly on the parking space assigned to each apartment. Visitors cannot park the car in the courtyard nor on the access alley to the building.

Visitors can stay overnight in the room of a visited tourist only with the consent of the operator of EPICO Villa, provided that the maximum capacity of each apartment is respected.

It is not allowed to bring into the villa any electrical and household appliances (sound systems, refrigerators, stoves, radiators, ovens, etc.), wood, coal, any material or combustible substance, weapons of any kind, drugs / prohibited substances.

It is not allowed to destroy the vegetation from the courtyard.

Open fires are strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to fry meat or fish in the kitchens of the apartments and it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the apartments and in the halls of the villa. Smoke sensors are installed.

Only moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages is recommended.

Pets are not allowed.

Nudism or any form of exhibitionism is strictly forbidden.

Deterioration by tourists of any inventory item entails their material liability for the payment of damages to the values communicated by the operator of EPICO Villa or to the market value of the respective objects.

The gate located at the exit towards the beach will be closed / opened by remote control, it will never be left open.

At the entrance to the courtyard of the EPICO villa, from the beach, tourists are asked to remove the sand brought from the beach, with the help of the special shower installed in the courtyard. Bath towels from the apartments may not be used as beach towels.

When leaving the apartment, tourists will close / lock the windows and doors, the operator of the EPICO villa is not be held responsible for property and valuables that tourists leave in their apartment.

On departure day, tourists are kindly requested to contact the operator of EPICO Villa to hand over the apartment.